Tips For Catering Corporate Event

Food is a basic business bond between individuals that are frequently in meetings and attending special corporate events hosted by their organizations. Part of the equation for keeping employees content is having big parties to honor their hard work. New Year’s celebrations, Christmas Parties, Annual get together events and employee recognition parties all take planning and food. There are certain tips for catering an office meeting or corporate event which can really make your event worth remembering for a long time.

The Right Caterer – companies that do corporate catering can differ in their abilities to cater meetings and big events. As a host it is your responsibility to select the right caterer for organizing your corporate event. One of the qualities to look for will be the prior experience of the caterer. For handling big events the caterer must have the proper know-how as well as the team and equipments.

A professional Team – the caterer must have a very professional and clean cooking as well as serving team. The office meeting or corporate events usually have a lot of V

IPs so the servers should be equally talented and with a professional outlook wearing tuxedos and ties.

The Head Count – to save you and the caterer from any mishandling, an exact headcount of the total number of invited guests in very important.

Day, Time and Venue of the Event – you should clearly indicate the day, time and the venue of the event to the caterer well in advance.

The Timing of Event – it is very important to clearly mention the timing of the event to the caterer and check to see if there is any room for some extra time. For a company lunch buffet catering it may be only two to three hours, for a birthday party it might expand to 5 hours or more and for an annual function it may be more than that. Sometimes the guests stay in the event more than planned and most of the catering companies charge extra. Therefore make sure to ask your caterer if they can handle staying past the agreed time and if so how much would they charge for it?

The Serving Style – finalizing the serving style is very important and can have a huge impact on the budget. Some office meeting or corporate events prefer buffet style serving while others go for the sit-down meal.

The Menu Selection – most of the caterer go with international cuisines in most of the corporate events or have a mix of both the local as well as international taste. You can combine different tastes like Swiss Chocolates, Indian Curries, Mexican Enchiladas, German Schnitzel, French Crepes, Chinese Prawns, and American Apple Pies to intrigue your local as well as international guests.

It does not matter whether you are organizing a product launch, company annual meeting, award ceremony, or welcoming new clients, the above mentioned tips for catering an office meeting or corporate event can be very handy and useful.