Are you having an event and in the need of a catering company? If you look online, you’ll only probably see around 4-5 caterers that are actively advertising and many of them are not showing off their best stuff with their sites as well. You might even be tempted to look in other neighboring areas, going as so far as to check out Clearwater catering or even Orlando catering companies whose style may be more to your taste.

So what are the best ways to find a good catering company if you can’t resort to just online searches and you’ve exhausted the list given to you by your family and friends? Searching through the local papers hoping to see an advertisement and dusting off the antiquated Yellow Pages is what most people resort to however they won’t effectively be able to show you how good or bad these caterers can be.

Yes, a badly laid out website won’t be able to do the above as well however a caterer that uses the web correctly using the power of videos as well as the input of social media avenues can effectively give you a good picture of what you are looking for. In the end, choosing a caterer still comes down to you sampling what food they offer and also seeing the professionalism or lack thereof of their organization.

Look for a catering website that shows you examples of their food layouts, testimonials from previous clients, demonstrations of what makes them different from all the rest and also giving you ample ways to contact and interact with them online. Of course, many would love catering by the family, or something close to this type of quality and presentation however it’s not as easy to find those types of caterers unless you have a website like this one you are currently on that reviews all the best catering companies.

Other ideas that might help you find a local catering company is to check with the local deli which is especially good for those events that don’t require all the lavishness that a wedding would require. Some deli’s prepare more intricate platters that might even surprise you so make sure to check out what they have to offer.

While looking over your menu the next time you are out having dinner, pay attention to mentions of catering services or even inquire with management. Ask the host/hostess on the way out or even ask your server after you’ve had your food and left a generous tip, about whether they have catering services available. You might be pleasantly surprised and possibly find out that you’ve sparked a business idea in their minds, and be their first catering customer!

As you can see, finding a catering service can be difficult so make sure to check with us as we’ve already narrowed the choices to the best.